Is there a Two Game Hangover After a Big Series?

I hope that is the case but Colby Lewis has me concerned and I am sure I am not the only one. Time for a sit down with Mike Maddox and some video tape. Now granted he wasn’t aided by his defense in the first but he is not the same Colby Lewis that started the season. A lot of Twitter chatter tonight about Wash and the lineup. It was the second night in a row that two starters got the night off. I get that. We are in a long stretch of games with no off-days. But for the second night in a row we just looked flat and made another team look like giant killers. And they sorta were.

This writing thing is fun for me. Most of the time even when we aren’t at our best. But I have to say, the last two nights it’s been struggle to pull this up and post. They resembled the 70′s and 80′s Rangers more than back to back champs. Don’t misunderstand me. I covered the team for WBAP, KLIF, KSKY and as a stringer on my own. But I am not writing this in that kind of way. This is purely a dude who loves this team, good or bad, and sharing my thoughts. I thought they stunk tonight. Through the last two nights I think it does highlight that our bench needs to be better and that our starting pitcher may have a hole or two. I don’t think we should  leverage the ranch against whatever it is we need. I know when J.D. picks up the phone, with our stacked minor league system, EVERYONE will be asking for too much. Anyway, I don’t think its time for that, but for a short call to check in with Roy Oswalt’s agent.

Frustrated? You bet? End of the world? No way. We have Oakland for two starting tomorrow, then off to Houston. We can add to our lead against the A’s for sure. I was worried who to pull for Angels vs A’s. I picked no one and it worked out great. Neither gained any real ground on us as they split.

So tomorrow Yu Darvish our ace. Period. We have to take one from these guys. Tell the Royals to put away their brooms.


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