Shhhh…Don’t Tell Anyone…This Profar Kid is Good

Nice game today. The most amazing moment came when 19-year-old Jurickson Profar came to bat for the very first time. He turned and burned on a pitch that really didn’t look like a mistake.  I saw the right fielder run to the wall and my phone froze. Yeah, they very phone I posted my previous post with. I did get to see it again and several times since and it was very impressive. It’s funny online, listed first as 383, then 388 and then on ESPN a while ago I saw it listed at 391.  I guess the grown ups felt a little fired up after that because Josh, Adrian and Murph all went yard later in the game, all in one inning. Derek had what is being called a solid start but when he gave up that two-run shot to Santana he got some of Wash’s tough love.

The A’s won again. Swept the Red Sox, which is becoming habit for AL West teams of late. They stay three back and that tortuous decision of whom to root for is next. The A’s take on the Angels and I guess, begrudgingly, I will pull for the halos.  Bottom line is, we have to keep winning. Off to KC to take on the new and improved Royals. Well not so much new as improved. They’re kids for the most part and suddenly love to play.

We just need to keep our nose to the grindstone.

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